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Modified Pinhole Gum Surgery Treatment for Gum Recession

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Are you embarrassed to smile because of receding gums?
Do your teeth have their roots exposed?
Are the darker areas of your teeth near the gumline notched or sensitive?

The Modified Pinhole Surgery Technique is an excellent way to treat gum recession.

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Treatment for Receding Gums


Are you embarrassed to smile because of receding gums? Do your teeth have their roots exposed? Are the darker areas of your teeth near the gumline notched, sensitive or just unesthetic? Do your teeth look excessively long because the gumline has receeded?
Dr. Bruno Paliani can change all of that with a simple Gum Rejuvenation Technique. We have had incredible success by using a modified ​Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST​®​)​ to rebuild gingival tissue and reposition gum tissue over exposed roots. Unlike gum surgery, with this technique you will experience:
● Minimal downtime
● No grafting site (no tissue is needed from the roof of the mouth)
● No sutures (stitches)
● Quick recovery

Modified Pinhole Gum Grafting procedure completed by the SmileDentist - Dr. Bruno Paliani


Slide the bar with arrows to see the before and after image.


When the gum tissue has retreated from around your tooth, it is known as gum recession. Gum recession may lead to the root of the tooth becoming partially or significantly exposed. There are a variety of reasons that gum recession happens including:
● Gingivitis
● Gum disease
● Failing dental work
● Orthodontic movement of teeth that have thin overlying bone and/or tissue

● Clenching of teeth
● Crowded or Malpositioned Teeth
● Grinding of teeth
● Excessive hard toothbrushing
● Smoking
● Natural aging


When your gums are healthy and properly positioned, your teeth are protected from:
● Bacterial penetration and plaque accumulation
● Root decay
● Excessive forces on teeth
● Periodontal gum disease

If your gums do recede, the roots of your teeth become exposed and could lead to:
● Gum inflammation
● Discomfort to certain foods
● Sensitivity to air, hot, cold or to the area being touched
● Tooth discoloration including a greater potential for root decay
● Further wear and loss of tooth structure around the entire root area


Over time, gums recede gradually. Receding gums may not even be noticed until teeth become sensitive, darker roots become exposed or notches occur along the roots. Naturally, teeth function most ideally when the entire root of the tooth is covered with attached gum tissue. As gum and bone recede for various reasons, the gum recession tends to worsen and one or more of your teeth may even look longer than normal.

When the root of your tooth is exposed, it is difficult to maintain ideal oral health of the root structure and surrounding tissue.
Plaque and bacteria attach more easily to the root of the tooth and becomes more challenging to remove.

WHY CHOOSE Gum Rejuvenation with THE

In the past, soft tissue grafting was the only way to treat receding gums. Tissue from the roof of the mouth (hard palate) was dissected as the donor tissue and then the graft was placed and secured by stitches around the gumline area of the teeth.

The modified Pinhole technique is quite different. Gum rejuvenation can occur with a very minimally invasive technique. With this procedure, we do not have to harvest a graft from the roof of the mouth so this area remains untouched. At the grafting site, no incisions and no sutures are required. Most patients that have undergone the procedure experienced minimal pain or discomfort. Recovery time is extremely quick as well.


The modified Pinhole Surgical Technique​ is the procedure we use to treat receding gums. The tissue and gum around the tooth requiring treatment is repositioned to a more ideal position which covers more of the root of the tooth.
The newly positioned tissue will result in improvement of the health and appearance of the gumline.

The procedure begins by anesthetizing the site. A tiny pinhole is then made in the tissue near the root end of the tooth. After the pinhole has been performed, the tissue is then loosened away with from the underlying bone with specialized instruments up to and including the tissue around the tooth near the gumline. After loosening of the tissue, it is expanded beyond the tooth in question to the neighbouring teeth.

Specialized collagen strips are then cut and tailored to fit in the area around the receded gum area and between the neighbouring teeth. During this procedure, the tissue is moved to a more elevated position to cover more of the tooth root.
In its new position, the gumline is secured in place with a special adhesive. The area around the pinhole heals extremely quickly. Special instructions to will be given to help in the healing of the modified pinhole grafted areas.

BENEFITS of the Modified Pinhole Grafting TREATMENT

Pinhole grafting has many advantages over traditional gum grafting surgery. These benefits may include the following:
● No incisions, just a small pinhole that requires healing.
● No donor site required so the roof of the mouth remains untouched
● Minimal pain or discomfort from the procedure
● Quick healing and recovery period
● No stitches (sutures) required

The ​modified Pinhole Surgical Treatment​ is an excellent alternative to the more traditional gum grafting technique that has a reputation for being painful and a long time to heal. Treating gum recession may now be a quicker and easier procedure than previously imagined..
Now, we are able to treat multiple areas of the mouth, or even the whole mouth in just 1 appointment.

If you think your gums are receding, and would like to find out if you are a possible candidate for the Modified Pinhole Surgical Technique in London, Ontario, contact the SmileDentist-Dr. Bruno Paliani to schedule your FREE Consultation.
We would live the opportunity to use the latest, least invasive technique available, to rejuvenate your gums, prevent further damage and enhance your smile.

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